I am passionate about water. I drink it. I spent 7 years not drinking much water, for medical reasons, limited to 1 qt. per day. Then all of a sudden I was told to drink a gallon or more per day. When I couldn’t I wanted to drink plenty. When it was ordered, it was very difficult. When it was so limited I began to investigate all the different kinds of water that exist. Why do we have so much bottled water? What is good water and what is not? What is good for me?

First I discovered that those vending places that sell water for filling your containers are just water, maybe filtered, from the local municipality. Then I discovered there are only two companies in the US that actually take water from out of the ground and skip the municipality. The local municipality usually is recycling used water (ugh!) and adding things to kill the bad stuff and protect you from worse. I don’t want to drink chlorine which is in my clothes washing detergent and in that water. I certainly don’t want to drink extra vitamins and minerals added in my water unless my doctor prescribes it. I like visiting people who own their own well and test their water frequently for quality. They usually let me take water home. I always have those gallon jugs ready to go.

Then I discovered a big plan hatched back when by Nestle. Bottle water and sell it for a lot of money. People bought it! Nestle started buying up small properties in small communities to bottle their water and sell it all over the world. Soon those small communities caught on and wanted a piece of the profits from Nestle. I believe that is still in court. They made their profits and created a habit in people who blindly buy water without thought or even reading the fine print on the label. It also created concerns about the amount of plastic being tossed in the garbage.

Locally, I have two large grocery stores who market the water I like. There are two brands. Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead. About once a month I pay about a dollar per gallon for my drinking water. I have been washing dishes, clothes and me in the local treated water from the city. I am now considering what effect this has on my health. Washing my entire self from head to toe in the water I won’t drink seems counterproductive. I have not discovered my own solution to this dilemma yet. Nor do I know how the bad parts enter my body from the washing stage. I am not a scientist.

My Youtube videos can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i0mpRMoIaI&t=25s